today: saturday december 3rd Daily menus tomorrow: sunday december 4th
Fried pieces of carp with chilli sauce149 CZK
Beef tartare with toast and garlic mayonnaise145 CZK
Patato pancake with cabbage and smoked meat145 CZK
Marinated Olomouc curd cheese with red onion and chilli145 CZK
Sausages braised in dark beer with vegetables145 CZK
Chicken broth with noodles69 CZK
Pork cutlet schnitzel fried in butter with potato salad259 CZK
Chicken breasts with fresh marjoram and steamed rice265 CZK
Braised beef roasted in a creamy sauce with crannberry jam, bread dumplings235 CZK
Beef roasted in a mushroom sauce, steamed rice235 CZK
Pork ribs roasted in beer with mustard and horseradish, bread259 CZK
Salad with chicken breast and garlic dressing195 CZK
Apple strudel with whipped cream65 CZK
Tuscany soup with croutons85 CZK
Eggplant gratin with mozzarella and Parmesan215 CZK
Grilled salmon with roasted cauliflower, grenaille and beurre blanc298 CZK
Spaghetti with fresh tuna, basil pesto and egg268 CZK
Grilled wine sausage, mashed potatoes, mustard, chicken soup with noodles255 CZK
tomorrow: sunday december 4th Daily menus today: saturday december 3rd
Tomato soup with mascarpone cheese and potato gnocchi95 CZK
Gnocchi with cockles, pistachios and bottarga395 CZK
Halibut with oranges, rucola salad and chive potatoes488 CZK
Pea soup with croutons85 CZK
Burrata with tomatoes and basil275 CZK
Spaghetti alfredo228 CZK
Mezzalune stuffed with Mozzarella in a boletus sauce245 CZK
Grilled wine sausage, mashed potatoes, mustard, chicken soup with noodles255 CZK
Daily menus
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Nad Stromovkou

Nad Královskou oborou 232/31
170 00 Prague 7
+420 220 912 319

Non-smoking restaurant

We accept:
Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Chèque Déjeuner

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Mon–Sat 11:30–23:30
Sun 11:30–22:30